Turquoise Travel Adven­tures Inc. is a dive travel com­pany specializing in large group dive travel and individual scuba travel sales. We are ded­i­cated to the premise that our atten­tion to detail, ser­vice, fun and value will increase your bot­tom line while low­er­ing your over­all dive travel stress level.

  • Meet Terry Per­alta, our Vice Pres­i­dent and pow­er­house of Group Scuba Travel sales. Many of you already know Terry from her twelve years with PADI Travel Net­work Group Dive Travel and have expe­ri­enced her level of knowl­edge and service.  Terry is so excited to be able to have full con­trol over her Dive Travel prod­ucts and ser­vice and knows you will enjoy the Scuba Travel experience that Turquoise Travel Adven­tures Inc. has in store for you. Now a big wel­come to those of you whom Terry has not had the plea­sure of work­ing with yet.  We endeavor to be your Part­ner/Wholesale Dive Travel provider for all your Scuba Travel Ven­tures and to help our fam­ily of friends and clients make“Dive Travel, a Fun and Adventurous Profit Cen­ter.

  • On a per­sonal note, Terry was raised at the beach in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia and has always had a pas­sion for the water. She has been exposed to and fas­ci­nated with the ocean, scuba div­ing, dive travel, snor­kel­ing and surf­ing from a very young age. Most of her trav­els from early adult­hood through now have cen­tered around the Trop­ics and these sport­ing activ­i­ties. Div­ing trips have been her per­sonal travel focus since she started in dive travel 12 years ago. She also loves to snow ski, fly ­fish (catch and release) or sit on the beach taking photos while I get to surf…but that’s all about water too right?  terry@ttadiver.com
  • Our other prin­ci­pal is , John Oberto. I retired early a few years ago after start­ing, build­ing and run­ning three corporations for 25 years. I was also raised in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia near the beach and have been a water­dog since the age of two when I rode my first wave, lit­er­ally body­surf­ing on the back of my lifeguard/father. By ten years old I was free diving and body surf­ing as often as pos­si­ble. By the age of four­teen I was an avid body surfer at the “Wedge” on the big days when vis­i­bil­ity was too bad to free-dive. A friend’s older brother took me on my first scuba diving travel adven­ture to Santa Bar­bara Island off the California Coast when I was six­teen and I have been scuba div­ing ever since. Besides dive travel, I also love to surf, golf, ski, road bike ride, fly fishing (all catch and release) if it is a game or has water and/or adrenaline count me in.  I have been for­tu­nate enough to have trav­eled exten­sively to some pretty exotic and amaz­ing places while enjoy­ing all of those hobbies. I have known Terry for 27 years and I came out of retire­ment because she is such an extra­or­di­nary per­son, dive travel expert and an amaz­ingly hard and conscientious worker. So I get to do the bor­ing back office admin. stuff and you folks get to deal with Terry on all the fun scuba travel stuff…yes, we know how lucky we are. john@ttadiver.com

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