Swept by both the cold waters of Antarc­tica and warm cur­rents from the trop­i­cal Pacific, the under­wa­ter world of the Gala­pa­gos is as uniquely enchant­ing as the islands them­selves. Here pen­guins swim with trop­i­cal fish and iguana feed under­wa­ter. Fur sea lions, ham­mer­head sharks, tur­tles and the mag­nif­i­cent man­tas are just a frac­tion of the species that thrive in one of the world’s top dive spots. Remem­ber, the entire arch­i­pel­ago has been declared a marine reserve, which pro­tects marine life 15 nau­ti­cal miles off shore and pro­hibits indus­trial fish­ing 40 nau­ti­cal miles off shore.

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