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The latest are Just a few PICS from a few trips out of hundreds from Our Very Good Friends at Scuba World:


Scuba World at Misool and then Bali:

IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0017 IMG_0025 (1) IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0034 IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0041 IMG_0043 IMG_0045 IMG_0049 IMG_0054 IMG_0057 IMG_0065 IMG_0067 IMG_0076 IMG_0081 IMG_0086 IMG_0090 (1) IMG_0093 IMG_0094 (1) IMG_0094 IMG_0098 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0105 (1) IMG_0105 IMG_0107 IMG_0116 (1) IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0122 IMG_0130 (1) IMG_0130 IMG_1815 (1) IMG_1818 IMG_1819 (1) IMG_1820 IMG_1825 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1854 IMG_1857 IMG_1865 IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1876 IMG_1878 IMG_1881 IMG_1883 IMG_1894 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1911 IMG_1919 IMG_1923 IMG_1947 IMG_1951 IMG_1977 IMG_1984 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1988 IMG_1989 IMG_1992 IMG_1996 IMG_2008 IMG_2014 IMG_2047 IMG_2052 IMG_2085 IMG_2117 IMG_2119 IMG_2124 IMG_2142 IMG_2150 PICT0005 PICT0015 (1) PICT0015 PICT0019 PICT0025 PICT0026 PICT0029 PICT0031 PICT0039 PICT0041 PICT0049 PICT0052 PICT0063 PICT0064 PICT0068 PICT0074 PICT0076 PICT0080 PICT0082 (1) PICT0082 PICT0092 PICT0098 PICT0105 PICT0109 PICT0112 PICT0118 PICT0127 PICT0135 PICT0136 PICT0153 (1) PICT0153 PICT0155 PICT0157 PICT0158 PICT0159 PICT0161 (1) PICT0161 PICT0162 PICT0166 PICT0179 PICT0187 PICT0193 PICT0204 PICT0213 PICT0228 PICT0230 PICT0232 PICT0239 PICT0241 PICT0247 PICT0262



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Scuba World in The Maldives:

IMG_0002 - Copy IMG_0002 (1) - Copy IMG_0004 - Copy IMG_0004 (1) - Copy IMG_0005 - Copy IMG_0006 - Copy IMG_0008 - Copy IMG_0010 - Copy IMG_0010 (1) - Copy IMG_0013 - Copy IMG_0016 - Copy IMG_0016 (1) - Copy IMG_0017 (1) - Copy IMG_0018 - Copy IMG_0020 - Copy IMG_0020 (1) - Copy IMG_0021 - Copy IMG_0023 - Copy IMG_0023 (1) - Copy IMG_0024 - Copy IMG_0026 - Copy IMG_0027 - Copy IMG_0028 - Copy IMG_0031 - Copy IMG_0033 - Copy IMG_0034 - Copy IMG_0035 - Copy IMG_0037 - Copy IMG_0038 - Copy IMG_0038 (1) - Copy IMG_0041 - Copy IMG_0044 - Copy IMG_0044 (1) - Copy IMG_0045 - Copy IMG_0047 - Copy IMG_0047 (1) - Copy IMG_0048 - Copy IMG_0050 - Copy IMG_0051 - Copy IMG_0052 - Copy IMG_0055 - Copy IMG_0057 - Copy IMG_0058 - Copy IMG_0058 (1) - Copy IMG_0059 - Copy IMG_0060 - Copy IMG_0062 - Copy IMG_0064 - Copy IMG_0073 - Copy IMG_0079 - Copy IMG_0081 - Copy IMG_0086 - Copy IMG_0089 - Copy IMG_0091 - Copy IMG_0098 - Copy IMG_0099 - Copy IMG_0109 - Copy IMG_0112 - Copy IMG_0125 (1) - Copy IMG_0129 - Copy IMG_0133 - Copy IMG_0138 (1) - Copy IMG_0140 - Copy IMG_0143 - Copy IMG_0144 - Copy IMG_0144 (1) - Copy IMG_0149 - Copy IMG_0151 - Copy IMG_0152 - Copy IMG_0154 - Copy IMG_0155 - Copy PICT0002 - Copy PICT0004 - Copy PICT0004 (1) - Copy PICT0005 - Copy PICT0005 (1) - Copy PICT0008 - Copy PICT0009 (1) - Copy PICT0010 (1) - Copy PICT0011 - Copy PICT0015 (1) - Copy PICT0018 - Copy PICT0019 - Copy PICT0020 - Copy PICT0021 (1) - Copy PICT0021 PICT0022 - Copy PICT0024 (1) - Copy PICT0024 (1) PICT0025 (1) PICT0025 PICT0026 PICT0027 (2) PICT0027 PICT0031 PICT0034 PICT0035 PICT0036 PICT0037 PICT0038 (1) PICT0038 PICT0039 PICT0040 PICT0044 PICT0049 PICT0050 (1) PICT0050 PICT0051 (1) PICT0051 PICT0052 (1) PICT0053 PICT0055 PICT0057 PICT0059 PICT0063 PICT0068 PICT0074 PICT0075 (1) PICT0076 (1) PICT0076 PICT0077 (1) PICT0077 PICT0080 PICT0081 PICT0082 PICT0092 PICT0095 PICT0099 PICT0100 (1) PICT0103 PICT0104 PICT0106 (1) PICT0106 PICT0108 PICT0110 (1) PICT0110 PICT0111 PICT0114 (1) PICT0114 PICT0117 PICT0120 PICT0122 PICT0123 PICT0125 (1) PICT0125 PICT0126 PICT0194 PICT0201 PICT0243 PICT0275 PICT0280 PICT0285 PICT0298 PICT0316 PICT0336 PICT0378 PICT0384





                                                                                                                                                                                                           Scuba World The Philippines:

PICT0007 PICT0008 PICT0012 PICT0017 (1) PICT0017 PICT0025 PICT0033 PICT0035 PICT0036 (1) PICT0036 PICT0046 (1) PICT0046 PICT0048 PICT0050 PICT0051 PICT0052 PICT0056 PICT0059 PICT0062 PICT0068 PICT0071 PICT0075 PICT0076 PICT0078 PICT0079 PICT0080 PICT0083 (1) PICT0084 PICT0088 PICT0089 PICT0091 (1) PICT0093 PICT0097 PICT0101 PICT0102 PICT0103 PICT0104 PICT0114 (1) PICT0115 DIGITAL CAMERA PICT0126 PICT0128 PICT0132 PICT0135 PICT0136 PICT0143 PICT0144 (1) PICT0144 PICT0151 PICT0157 PICT0158 PICT0160 PICT0163 PICT0164 PICT0183 PICT0184 (1) PICT0184 PICT0187 PICT0189 PICT0194 (1) PICT0194 PICT0214 PICT0257 PICT0263 PICT0324 PICT0360 PICT0381 PICT0384 PICT0461





































































Scuba World Costa Rica:

IMG_2898 IMG_2938 IMG_2883 IMG_2815 IMG_2720 IMG_2907 IMG_2807 IMG_2428 IMG_2424 IMG_2888 IMG_2868 IMG_2832 IMG_2813 IMG_2901 IMG_6528 IMG_2916 IMG_3780 IMG_2677 IMG_2409 IMG_2629 IMG_2581 IMG_2763 IMG_2756 IMG_2511 IMG_2402 IMG_2420 IMG_2487 IMG_2714 IMG_2671 IMG_2661




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            From  John V.

“8 months of planning, emails, adding divers, and Terry never blinked. It all came together into The Best vacation of our lives!”

v1 cz





Lidia from Hotel Cozumel was like a personal concierge for our family. She picked out all our dinner spots

and got us the best table in the house. She was gold!

v2 cz





My youngest and his DM Ysidro from Dive Paradise. He was fantastic and over 4 dives he really helped my son improve his buoyancy. Totally comfortable in the drift. Great crew.


v4 cz redu




That’s all 4 of us in Choc Mool Cenote, with Dive Aventuras.   My 12 year old up front.

v3 cz







From Jim & Marielle
Jonathan, Brandon & John

Hi Terry , The trip went very well for us. We had a great time and totally enjoyed the laid back atmosphere at the Cane Bay shop. Boston Mike was great at running the shop and helping with anything we needed there. We had Rick, Nick, Fuzzy, and Danielle on the boat with us. They were fun to be with and we all hit it off very well. We had multiple local dinners and lunches with them at local out of the way places. One of my best trips because of their local tour guiding and introductions of us to their local friends. Rick arranged a special pork shoulder dinner on Friday evening at a local small kitchen and bar called Sylves’ Can’t say enough about this crews friendliness and help. Marielle and I got cottage # 1 . It was beautiful, see pictures. We were the 2nd people to use that unit.  It is the best place to be for 24 hour diving if that is what your looking for. The Wall is a hundred yard swim straight out. Tough to beat that ! We traveled the whole island during daylight hours (not advisable at night ), it is a very beautiful island, see pictures. It is a place to visit again someday. ST CROIX,  CANE BAY COTTAGES and CANE BAY DIVE SHOP

jim 1jim 8jim 12jim 7jim 3jim 4jim 11jim 9jim 5jim 6jim 10jim 2















From Bob (the fish) and his Happy Group at Buddy Dive

“Hi Terry,

Had another GREAT trip!!!! Buddy Dive is the BEST! They are totally customer oriented. Several of us have been there enough times that the staff remembers us.”

bobfish5 bobfish4 bobfish3 bobfish2 bobfish1





Thank You Bob and all your Happy companions, keep sending us your pic’s and reports!







Ken Kremer : “This resort and dive operation ROCKS! Thanks to our rock star travel agent Terry for putting this trip together. 25 people had a total blast this week.”

Seatasea Divers and Dive Paradise Staff aboard the Atlantis dive boat. 5 days of up to 16 fantastic dives in Cozumel Mexico. Perfect weather, perfect seas, a great dive staff, a great hotel and a fantastic time

Thank You Ken Kremer and Seatasea Watersports!!!!




***Just got back from Cozumel and Terry and Turquoise did a great job booking our trip. Our group of 11 stayed at Cozumel Palace and everyone had a great time. Resort was great and diving was fanatastic.

Paul K.      

Thank you to Paul and the whole family, so fun to share adventures with you all!

pk6 pk5 pk2 pk3 pk4 pk1



























Mexico Whalesharks with ttadiver.com




Fiji Tiger Shark Dive by ttadiver.com







Thanks for the great trip to Bonaire. The new restaurant Ingredients is very good. The diving of course was great, and the hospitality is great.

Dan and Jamie       Thanks so much Dan and Jamie!  see their great pics below, and thanks to Buddy Dive too

dand j at buddy dive13 dand j at buddy dive1 dand j at buddy dive4 dand j at buddy dive14 dand j at buddy dive2 dand j at buddy dive3 dand j at buddy dive5 dand j at buddy dive7 dand j at buddy dive6 dand j at buddy dive9 dand j at buddy dive8 dand j at buddy dive10 dand j at buddy dive11 dand j at buddy dive12

From: Brad Hall
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2014 5:46 PM
To: Terry Peralta
Subject: We’re Back!–Turquoise Bay Resort

Hi Terry:

We made it back last night from a really great dive trip.  Thank you for all of your help!


The airline(s) were all extremely efficient, helpful, and service oriented like the US airlines used to be.  I went into the TACA/Avianca sphere with low expectations and came out a fan.  I’ll go anywhere with them.  Also, I don’t remember the last time I was able to stuff my 6’3″ frame into an economy seat and have room for my legs.  Their luggage weight restrictions turned out to be very generous, and all of their personnel very anxious to please the customers.


Turquoise Bay Resort exceeded all of my/our expectations.  There is no word to describe the level of service, the quality and variety of the food.  The staff at the staff at the resort took care of everything quickly and unobtrusively.  The did it all with genuine smiles on their faces.  The rooms were superb.  They were clean, serviced daily.  Their only fault was that they made it unusually difficult for all of us to leave.  We all wanted to stay forever.


The dive operation was superb.  Nice set-up, good boats, and the greatest service I’ve  seen at a dive resort.  The only work we had to do before each day of diving was to carry our masks and fins down to the boat.  They did it all, and then washed all of the gear at the end of the day, hung it to dry and then put into our lockers.  It was like being on a live-aboard, total service to the customer.  The divemaster who led our dives, Nelson, was one of the best and most attentive I’ve ever seen.  He knew what was going on in front of him and behind him.  On surface intervals he moved our BCD’s from the empty tanks to the tanks for our next dives.  The guy was very very good.


The dive sites were in general 15 to 20 minutes from the resort dock.  The sites on that part of the island are really different from one another.  They are all part of a gorgeous reef system but the life on them varies from one spot to another.  Some have a lot of life and others are emerging to that level.  These sites without a lot of sea life still have lots of coral structure, swim-throughs, caverns, tunnels and even a couple of interesting caves.  The sea life is returning to all of the sites as the Marine Park grows and ages and the rules are enforced more strictly.  Another thing that is helping the sea life to again thrive is the on-going lion fish eradication program.  Apparently they were at one time the predominate fish on the reefs but have been reduced in number by divers, divemasters, and the Marine Park authorities by the on-going Honduras eradication program.  In seven days of diving our group saw only about a half-dozen, and now there are only two in that area.  Ceviche is really good!


Finally, what more can be said about Turquoise Travel?  Everything you told us and worked out went like a charm.  It was a challenging group with concerns about many things each of which you put to bed quickly and with apparent ease.  Thank you so much Terry!  You’re still wonderful and will have all of our future business.


One in the group who has had dive trips all over the world told me that this one was by far her favorite!


Thanks again Terry!


Brad Hall

“Adventure is never planned. It is marching through the door of opportunity into the unknown, with enthusiasm.”

Thank you Brad!

From: Christopher
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 4:38 AM
To: terry peralta
Subject: Costa Rica feedback

Hi Terry,

Hard to come back to reality after such a great trip.  The combination of activities and locations seemed to fit us very well.  Tamarindo is not for everyone, but the combination of scuba, surfing and some “buzz” of activity for the teenagers on the main drag in Tamarindo was a good mix.  Here is a quick rundown of the places we stayed and the activities:


·T   Transfers = all were GREAT, particularly the long ones from San Jose to Arenal and Arenal to Tamarindo.  Both drivers/guides were so friendly, had so much interesting info and answered all of our questions.  Our drives from Arenal-San Jose found a sloth and monkeys along the way and stopped to let us snap some photos.


·H   Hotels = we enjoyed both.  About the only negative was that the “kids” room at the Royal Corin had a roll-away bed vs. 2 full …but not a huge deal.  Loved the geothermal-heated pool and swim-up bar.  Tamarindo Diria was also a great choice = perfect location right on the beach, comfortable rooms with 2 queens in each.  Perhaps the best feature was being able to hear the surf while we fell asleep each night.


·C   Canopy Tour = big hit with everyone.  The guys running the tour were very fun.  Great views and exhilarating rides.


·R   Rafting with Waves Expeditions = Waves seemed to handle all of this with military, yet fun precision.  Our guide (Rainer) was quite a character = we ended up having drinks with him that night down in La Fortuna town.  Meeting him was definitely some “vacation magic” = inspirational guy who is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met….has only one fully functioning leg, but does martial arts, certified rafting guide (and watching him handle the raft was impressive)….amazing.  The bus transfer was a little long and cramped (I’m 6’5”), but the great rafting and delicious late lunch we had on a local plantation made us all forget this.  We bought the pics from Waves of our trip…some are inserted into the video here. Chris & Families Costa Adventure


·A   Aqua Rica diving = quality of the diving exceeded my expectations.  We lucked out on 2 of the days = we had our own boat on 2nd day and only 1 other guest on the 1st.  10-12 white tipped reef sharks (Abby’s first sharks – she was so excited), eagle rays, green and jeweled morays, scorpionfish, Moorish idols, butterfly fish, snake eel, king angelfish, large school of pacific barracuda, Spanish dancer.  Visibility was 40+ feet on 2 days and lower on the third.  Water temps were consistently at 80F.  The operation itself I think did a solid job….providing the right amount of support to my daughter (slow equalizer) without babying her.  I brought my own gear, which they kept and washed each night, including after the last diving day (I picked up at the shop).  The boat was a little crowded on the last day (7 divers and 2 DMs on a six pack boat)…but it all worked.  Plentiful snacks (fresh fruit and cookies/crackers) and drinks each day.  Main negative was no rinse tank for cameras.  Not the newest boat and a little clunky having to transfer from the beach each day, but these guys knew what they were doing in the water, had decent rental gear and handled everything with a Pura Vida style even with current running and newbie divers.


·S   Surfing lessons = all seemed to work fine.


·C   Catamaran trip = another big hit.  The Marlin Del Rey is a great boat = spacious, spotless and great crew.  We loved the open bar, the snorkeling, lounging on the bow of the catamaran, etc.


So that’s the summary.  Here is a link to the video I put together – lots of smiles.


Thanks again for all of your help – Pura Vida!


Chris  So happy to hear it! You and your family did it right…Thank You Chris! Sorry we had to take the great song off due to copyright issues

From: Jeff
Sent: Tuesday, December 04,
To: terry peralta

Hey Terry – I am just writing to say—Thank you—for all that you’ve done to make our travel to Belize a fantastic week. It was Un-Belizable!




Our flights were almost flawless, despite a hydraulic motor replacement in Chicago—while we were on the plane. No worries though, there was plenty of time for our connecting flight in Houston. The pick up from the airport was a fun ride; we were surprised to see our pickup was via golf cart.




We loved Ramon’s, we actually met Ramon the second day while eating breakfast. He was very cool, making a point to say hello to everyone in the restaurant.




Though small, the beach was the best we found in San Pedro and rarely had more than a half dozen people lying out at one time. The Dive shop and boats were all very accessible, just a short walking distance, and available lockers for my dive gear.




The diving experience was also better than expected. On my first dive the Dive master mentioned that if I was comfortable I could begin my dive and meet everyone at the bottom since he was going to work with the beginner divers. As I descended, nurse sharks began swimming around me; this was the second time I had swum with sharks. By the second dive the sharks blended in with our dive and I was comfortable to swim with them like little dive buddies. At one point the dive master had a shark upside down held in his arms. To make the most of the experience, I swam to him and he reached out and handed the docile shark to me while he convince the other divers to rub his belly…WOW!




The Blue Hole was as everyone had shared with me, disappointing. But true to the stories, the next two dives were amazing. Like swimming through a huge aquarium, the marine life was abundant and very colorful.




All in all an awesome trip, Thank you (thank you so much Jeff!)




From: john

Sent: Sunday, October 21,
To: terry peralta
Subject: great trip


Hi Terry, just unwinding from coz. Arrived home to 4 programs we are running and just catching up. Trip was great and there were absolutely no complaints. The resort did a fantastic job as usual including the dive center. It was a great trip and I appreciate all your efforts, everyone said to thank you.


Talk during the week, Thanks again, John(thank you John you are awesome)









Zach and Andrew and I want to thank you for all your work for Cozumel.   They had great dives and I enjoyed my sons’ company.  Cozumel was warm, inviting and lots of fun.  The employees at Scuba Cozumel were friendly and so helpful.  Thanks.  Christmas in Cozumel couldn’t have been better!

Carol   (Thank you Carol)


Here are a few pictures, below, I didn’t have too many above water lol. They did a fantastic job John the DM and JoJo the captain deserve a good review.  They are a true asset to the resort! We had a  GREAT time, the weather was ok, but that’s what you get going in the rainy season! All good though.  Resort was perfect, staff amazing, would definitely go back again.   Actually we saw John in town the day before we left and had a couple beers with him.  For sure made our trip much more pleasurable. I would absolutely recommend this resort ( Anthony’s Key) again. Food was great, was always immaculate, people friendly and was very convenient.


Thank you so much for your help and next dive trip we will be calling you again!!




Jared Meehan

Thank you Jared!!

Terry ,

Zach, Andrew and I want to thank you for all your work for Cozumel.   They had great dives and I enjoyed my sons’ company.  Cozumel was warm, inviting and lots of fun.  The employees at Scuba Cozumel were friendly and so helpful.  Thanks.  Christmas in Cozumel couldn’t have been better!


Thanks Terry and Turquoise Travel Adventures for a great trip to Curacao. The accommodations where great, and everything went smooth as usual.


Dan McCarthy and Jamie Snyder

Hi Terry!


We had a wonderful time in Hawaii!  Thank you so much for all of your help with the arrangements.  The Royal Kona was really nice and the folks at Jack’s Diving Locker were absolute pros.  The manta ray dive was very cool and they did a great job organizing the whole thing at a very crowded dive site.  Working with TTA made the whole trip a lot easier and much less stressful – it was nice to know that someone had our backs while we were traveling someplace new. I’ve attached three pictures of our trip – one of us at Hawaii Volcanoes (on the way down Chain of Craters Road) and one of my traveling gnome, Charlie, who was a gift from my parents years ago and comes on these adventures with me.  People get a kick out of Charlie, so I thought I’d send one along.  The Charlie picture was taken at the black sand beach in Pololu Valley on the north shore – we drove up there on Christmas day and hiked down to the valley.  The last picture is of something that really struck us about Hawaii, which was the ability of life to prevail.  Despite all the volcanic activity and hardened lava pretty much everywhere on the island, it’s just filled with the most amazing plant life.  This picture was taken in the Kilauea Iki crater next to the Kilauea Volcano caldera.  Not long ago this was a pond of molten lava and is now dotted with beautiful flowers and surrounded by really dense rain forest.




Thanks again for all your help!  We will let you know if we’re ever planning another diving adventure


Mass Diving customer, Jim Stone’s AKR Roatan Trip Photos are fantastic!


We thank you for all your wonderful help and guidence in putting this great adventure together, and also keeping right on top of all the preliminary details and following up after our return. Great job. Here are a few pictures, hope you enjoy them. I’m no pro and don’t have photoshop but I do CROP. Your welcome to share them if you like.  We all had a fantastic time and AKR said my nephews made history there- you can see it on face book by friending AKR and finding” Island Fiesta night- Brandon and John Have no worries” or there abouts , it’s a laugh.  Again Thank you and if I find another pic worth sending I will.

Jim Stone Click to enlarge

See the rest at our facebook page!

Thanks Jim!


Turquoise Travel Adventures staff, was out of the office and in Mexico:

We want to thank Mike and Nils at Dive Aventuras for the great Cenote Dives we did a couple of weeks ago. Mario, our dive guide, was fantastic!

also our first gopro video of whale sharks, …the next one will be better.

Sports Cove Group with Dive Paradise in Cozumal

See more photos at or facebook page


The McCarthy Group in Bonaire


Thanks for a great trip to Bonaire. This was the first time to Bonaire for my wife and I and everything was perfect.  Looking forward to working with you on our next trip.  Dan and Jamie”

Kathy’s Scuba, Birthday in Tahiti Group!

See more photos at Facebook


Scuba World Group to Galapagos and Peru:

Great Job Again! Terry and John with Turquoise Travel are the experts in Travel!

As always, you guys have done an outstanding job in preparing our Group Trip to the Galapagos and Machu Picchu!

It was an amazing trip and we felt like you held our hand the whole way.

I’m not sure there was anything that could have been improved upon!

Thanks again for your excellent service! We can’t wait for the next trip!

Mike and Sherry ☺ Scuba World, Inc.


We wanted to thank you for organizing an awesome trip to Machu Picchu and the Cuzco area. The hotels we stayed in were all first class, travel and all necessary tickets to enter different sites were taken care of, actually I don’t recall having to handle or worry about tickets, our tour guides did it all. The guides were excellent, knowledgeable with good English. The ruins and other historical sites were breathtaking. I think the week in Peru was the highlight of the trip and exceeded our expectation.

Will probably do it again in the future when our daughters can join us.

Again thanks for all the work you did in putting this together…

Jiri and Patty Nemec

Pictured: Jiri and Patty Nemec, Rudy and Ragina Schwartz, John Skain, Robert Sanvi, Jim McKay & Charles Davis

Terry,I first want to commend you on what a first class trip you put together to Machu Pichu. Everyone on the extension was very happy with all facets of the trip. You can use my name as a reference any time.
Thanks again.
Robert Sanvi

The Hodge Family In Bonaire:

“Bonaire 2012 best”  “Great trip. I’ll send a couple pics. Went from -100 ft to plus 800 ft and all points in between. Thanks for all your help.  Cheers”

Regards, Tim Hodge