The Abundance Of Our Oceans Has Quantitatively Diminished So Much Over The Last Three Decades.

The Results have been Visibly Shocking and the Long Term Effects on Our Planet are as Yet Unknown. As Divers and Water Men and Women, We Need to Help Support the Efforts of as many Proactive Stewards and Protectors of this Endangered Resource as Possible. Please Take a Look at the Worthy Projects Listed Below and Please Help Any Way You Can!

1. Manta Ray of Hope – About to launch global study and campaign. Needs funding.

2. Daram Marine Area (Misool) – Finalist for 20,000 dollar award and global recognition.

Vote for Misool Baseftin’s entry, titled “Defending the Heart of Marine Biodiversity: Community Stewardship of Raja Ampat’s Reefs.”

a.   Go to

b.  Choose your top 3 solutions   (ours is Misool Baseftin Foundation!)

c.  You will need to register to vote.  It only takes a moment, and you can sign in quickly using your facebook credentials.

d. Spread the word and ask others to follow suit using your mailing list, facebook, twitter, blogs, websites, and publications.

3. Misool Ranger Boat – Fundraiser to purchase a critically needed ranger boat